Why Choose IBIS

Why Choose IBIS

The IBIS Difference

The role of a Master System Integrator (MSI) is pivotal in identifying, planning, delivering, and validating outcomes crucial to facility stakeholders. The MSI’s core responsibility lies in ensuring optimal value not only from the integrated solution but also from all underlying subsystems. This includes enhancing operational efficiency, fostering a comprehensive understanding of facility operations for data-driven decision-making, and effecting operational cost reductions.

In the industry, a prevailing challenge is the lack of a universally defined role for an MSI, leading to varying interpretations of what qualifies a firm for this designation. Unlike certifications in other fields, such as Master Electrician, there isn’t a current certification for a firm to be recognized as a Master System Integrator. This results in differing levels of MSI expertise across firms, with some merely claiming the title based on system connections, while others offer comprehensive technical solutions and software expertise. This lack of clarity in the marketplace necessitates genuine MSIs to differentiate themselves.

Personalized Approach and Strong Client Relationships

IBIS technology is used by major global firms, and what keeps these relationships strong is our personal approach. As a Master System Integrator, our main goal is to make operations smoother. To achieve this, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs through regular check-ins, project updates, and feedback collection. This level of attention sets us apart, as some competitors lack the time for such personalized engagement. Additionally, we offer clients direct access to different team members, making communication easy and straightforward.

The IBIS Platform

IBIS shines with our unique software, the IBIS Smart Building Platform. It helps clients see, control, and understand their building systems. The platform uses smart analysis to turn complex data into easy-to-use insights. Clients enjoy benefits like easy access, efficient operations, and oversight of all their systems. Our software has won top awards for its strong features. Unlike others, we didn’t piece our software together — we built and improved it for over 25 years. It’s flexible, quickly changing to what our clients or the market needs. We offer different software options to match different needs and budgets.

Agility, Flexibility and Adaptability

IBIS is nimble and flexible because our size allows us to get things done quickly and customize our solutions. We quickly adjust to what the market and clients need. Unlike larger companies, we don’t get bogged down by slow approvals and complicated processes. Our focus is solely on keeping our clients and partners happy, without distractions from investor demands. This lets us prioritize our clients, ensuring they get the attention and service they deserve, unlike firms that might spread themselves too thin.

Extension of the Facility Operations Team

IBIS has a team with a collective 300 years of experience. We’re not just a solution provider; we’re an extension of our client’s building operations team. Our team is knowledgeable in best practices, tech trends, and rules across various areas like IT, security, HVAC, lighting, space usage, AV, access, and more. This broad understanding helps us offer tailored, top-quality solutions that enhance how things work and comply with standards. We’re not just about giving a solution—we focus on helping clients get the most out of our IBIS software, providing crucial insights for informed decision-making. We emphasize top-notch service, continuously monitoring and analyzing to act on what matters most to our clients’ goals and challenges.

This comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence sets IBIS apart, showcasing our dedication to continuously exceed client expectations as a Master System Integrator and Smart Building Software Provider.

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