IBIS Platform

IBIS Platform 2.0

A Single View for a Singular Perspective

A cloud or on-premise software platform, the IBIS 2.0 Platform provides a single pane of glass view into the workings of building operations; Lighting, HVAC and Power are just the tip of the iceberg. The IBIS also works with systems like renewable generation, watering systems, charging stations, occupancy monitoring, indoor environmental quality, and many more. This provides the building operations team with 365/24/7 visual checks in real time as well as the ability to perform data analytics in a myriad of ways. 

What we can do

Single Pane of Glass

Through one screen, visualize, analyze, and control, all of your building operation systems. No separate log-ins or add-ons.

API Integration

Go beyond traditional building management integrations and connect to advanced systems with APIs and centralize your data.


Comprehensive reporting to analyze a buildings energy and operations while normalizing for weather and population.

Green and ESG Awareness

Carbon footprint, decarbonization, and energy optimization dashboards.

Enterprise Management

Enabling all levels of your organization to manage infrastructure around the globe.

Internet of things

Bring your IoT into one unified system with a shared analytics and visualization interface for all your systems.

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Made by Us with Our Own Data Experts and Developers.

The IBIS Platform is a scalable, vendor agnostic, web-based platform which can be expanded by adding modules.

The IBIS Platform Modules are designed to address targeted challenges associated with facility management, energy savings, continuous improvement, report generation, and many more.

The IBIS Platform solution seamlessly integrates to your existing facility infrastructure, providing the ultimate visualization and report generation tool.


Web accessible and responsive ready, all of our interface graphics are built in HTML 5.

Vendor Agnostic

The IBIS Platform is made by us in-house and has no dependencies to any vendor.

Open Protocol

The IBIS Platform can accept any open protocol and has no proprietary communication dependencies.

On Premise

Installed on site or in your own cloud, the choice and control is yours.

Unified Database

All your data in the IBIS Platform is in one database delivered to one common user interface.

Building Master Systems Integration

The Difference

The IBIS Platform adapts to the needs of the customer.

We could create standard dashboard screens, standard reports, and standard graphics, but we don’t. We customize the IBIS solution to your needs.

When you open the dashboards vital to your business, you see only the information that you need. We eliminate the need to hunt for information specific to your needs.

IBIS will build the dashboards, reports, and alerting tools, that save you time, improve productivity, and make your job easier.

Our ability to incorporate systems only accessible with an API into a unified database and integrated into the IBIS Platform visualization and reporting features, means there is no limit to what we can do for you.

The rich, graphical interface combines and organizes all of your sites into one easy-to-use user interface for all your control and visualization needs.

The IBIS Platform easily manages all of your systems, and provides the information that you need – freeing you to focus on your business.

Urban buildings

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