IBIS Platform Modules

IBIS Platform Modules

Influencer Marketing, Concept of Information and Influence Propagation in Social Networks

Expand your system in the way that meets your needs the best. Start small or bring all your systems together from the start.

Tailor Pinning Custom Suit

Each module has built in capabilities but each implementation is customized for your needs. 

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With an ever expanding list, the IBIS Platform modules have you covered.  Need something extra? We’ll build it.

Modules at a Glance

Energy Monitoring, Utility metering, and Sub-metering

Indoor Environmental Quality


Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Critical Systems

HVAC and Lighting

Occupancy Utilization

Demand Response

Ventilation and ACH

Tenant Billing

Smart Workspace

Energy Star

Building Performance Reporting

API Integrations

Lobby Awareness Dashboard


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