IT and OT Convergence

IT / OT Convergence

What is

IT/OT Convergence?

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Information Technology

Most everyone is familiar with IT however it is sometimes difficult to know where an IT departments responsibility ends and begins.

Convergence Background, Converge Toward Objective
The Convergence

As operational technology advances, the data is moving to IP and Ethernet that IT is responsible for. Additionally, OT is becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber security issues.

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Operational Technology

This is a newer term and includes the equipment, computers, sensors, and networks that exist to operate the physical facility.

The Divergence

The IT group and OT group frequently have different objectives and terminology making collaboration and organization a challenging prospect.

The Solution

A team with extensive backgrounds from both worlds that enable collaboration by uniting objectives and setting clear, understandable goals that are all tracked with defined and measurable indicators.
How to reduce building energy
* OT (Operational Technology) / IT (Information Technology) / BOC (Building Operations Center)
Experts in the networks that make buildings work
Clearing obstacles and enabling progress
Partners to operational optimization
Bringing technologies together that help people work together

Integrating Building Divisions for Success

Integrated automation for network equipment

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