Managed Services

Managed Services

A Solution to Enhancing and Supporting Your Resources

Dedicated training for your staff where, when, and on what you need. Our highly technical staff can start from the basics or go as in depth as you prefer.

Comprehensive and complete support for your systems so there are no surprises and you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

A detailed inspection of your buildings operational data to uncover any issues or inefficiencies coupled with in-depth reporting for easy remedies and actions.

Connecting remotely means we can respond at a moments notice and address most problems and requests with expediency and efficiency.

Managed Services begins with a thorough and in-depth identification and documentation of all system assets for an optimized support process.

All information gathered through audits, training, and support are all compiled into one data source accessible for future access and refrence.

Managed Lighting Control Services

The key to successful remote management is the thorough understanding of client environments; both the physical facility systems and the facilities and management teams.


20+ years of service and support for modern & legacy systems


Nationwide coverage with all major manufacturers supported.


We utilize the most advanced tools for dependable remote access.

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