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Who We Are

Who We Are

Buildings effect our planet. our health. our safety. our productivity. our bottom line.

We can be better

by making them better


Life is beautiful, just live it.

We exist to digitally transform the workplace by, employing leading edge technology, understanding our client’s business environment, and creating new connections across systems and silos so that we create healthy, productive, and efficient buildings and empower evidence-backed decision making.

implementing the building commissioning process

We see a future where building operations uses accurate and reliable data that can be interpreted effortlessly so that our workplace can be productive, comfortable, and healthy, in buildings that are connected, automated, and efficient for all to fulfill their professional aspirations.

Designer at work in office

Provide superior smart building and IOT products and services using innovative integration and data transformation technologies to create intelligent workplaces and to empower our clients to make better decisions.

Learn how to use Internet of Things (IoT) systems management platforms

Keep Learning

Constantly improve by adapting, innovating, and always questioning.
IoT Systems Collaboration


Our clients are our partners that we communicate with and listen to carefully.

Promote and support teamwork internally and externally.

Building facility performance

Exceed Expectations

Always be proud of the end result through a commitment to quality.
IBIS team of professionals coordinate with your commissioning team to ensure long term cost effective solutions

Value People

Treat all people with courtesy, dignity, and respect by acting with integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Have Fun!

Enjoy ourselves and enjoy what we do.

Bring that joy to all we work with.

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