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The ibis is a species of bird that can be found all around the world.

environmental health and balance

Soaring High and Digging Deep

IBIS is more than just an icon and slight alteration of our legal entity acronym. In fact, the brand has a purposeful connection to nature and the environment.

The Ibis is a family of wading birds found mostly in the wetlands of tropical or subtropical climates. Distinguished by its long, curved beak, the ibis is an excellent flyer, soaring high and traveling almost 2,000 miles in search of food and water.

Environmental researchers consider the presence of an ibis colony in a wetland area an indicator of environmental health and balance.

IBIS strives for that same purpose in our built environments.  Just like this wetland bird, our company’s presence is an indicator of continuously searching for health and balance in the building workplace.


Our company history begins when our founder Eugene Gutkin was working for one of the largest building automation companies in 1997.

While very successful in his role, he discovered that the corporate focus on hardware and the new construction market was leaving a large gap of clients who needed high quality and customized service and software solutions.

With an upper management unwilling to spare resources on a new opportunity, Eugene struck out on his own to meet the ever-growing needs for software and managed services in the commercial controls industry.

Always one step ahead of the industry trends, Eugene has consistently strived to bring cost-saving or revenue-increasing cutting-edge technology to his loyal clients while never sacrificing on quality and exceptional service delivery.

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