Semantic Modeling

Semantic Modeling

Transforming Smart Data into Digital Assets Using Semantic Modeling

With far ranging expertise and deep experience it is our people that deliver results and reach success.

90% of data generated in 2022 was unstructured

The most successful journeys begin with taking the right steps. As a design partner from the earliest concept stages we will be part of your team dedicated to your business objectives.

AI relies on structured data

Having worked in IOT, IT, OT, Smart Buildings, and Smart Cities we have the experience to avoid pitfalls and steer the design towards winning strategies.

Data Needs to be structured

We stay with the project for as long as you need us to. We are partnered with our clients for mutual succcess.

Easy retrieval of specific data

Semantic modeling allows querying data using natural language, instead of complex SQL queries.

Faster insights from data

Semantic data is interconnected, allowing related data to be analyzed quickly.

Simplified data management

With semantic modeling, data can be annotated with meta data for easier organization and governance.

We Facilitate the Collaboration of Organizational Silos to Achieve Success

Using IoT to collect data from building subsystems to minimize energy use enhance security and increase value

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