Occupancy Enabled HVAC Optimization Case Study

IBIS has been developing strategies and technologies to optimize varying levels of occupancy for years prior to the pandemic so when our client’s plan to re-open their buildings included a hybrid remote/office strategy, we were able to respond by enabling our SmartFloor technology right away.

The IBIS SmartFloor technology enables existing HVAC control systems along with existing lighting control systems to minimize the cooling and heating provided to spaces when there are no people in the area.  While on the surface this sounds like a very simplistic goal to achieve, in reality there are many safe-guards, and procedures necessary to achieve this objective while maintaining comfort, health, safety, equipment condition, and operational convenience.  When the SmartFloor system was enabled in October of 2022 on the first building at our client’s campus, we saw immediate reduction of air flow energy which saved our client operating costs on day one. As outside temperatures rose and the number of people returning to the office slowly began to increase, we were able to show reductions of 30% with no change in the comfort of tenants and day to day operation.

You can download the case study here – Occupancy Enabled HVAC Optimization Case Study

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