Building IoT

Building IoT

What is Building IoT?

Building IoT (internet of things) turns a regular building into a smart building with the use of embedded sensors, software and other technologies that send information data over the internet that can be collected and stored. After technically analyzing the data a strategy can be created. This strategy is then implemented to perform imperative building tasks such as optimize energy, automate system controls, predict and schedule maintenance, and control temperature and air quality. 

Building IoT

Why IBIS Building IoT is the right choice?

Building IoT energy flow chart
IBIS developed proprietary software (IBIS 2.0), full of rich displays to offer a quick visualization to energy-consuming and energy-saving activities. Client after client, IBIS has ensured long-term performance of buildings with cost-effective solutions. Clients have seen a drop in electricity consumption of up to 30% within the first two-to-three years of investing in IBIS building IoT systems, providing a complete RDOI with in this time period.

At IBIS you get a complete comprehensive building IoT service. Not only do we provide the software to track building IoT data, but we analyze the data obtained. IBIS has in-house energy, controls and IoT experts that can turn our collected data into actionable and measurable KPI goals. We then walk you through the process to set these goals into action. Benefits such as reducing operating cost through bill savings, reducing operational overhead costs, prioritizing current operational issues, implementing automation and tracking performance over time.

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